Who are we?

We here at EPK Design like to call ourselves a multi-discipline design studio. This means we are equally comfortable and experienced designing materials to be printed, like business cards or brochures, as we are designing and developing websites, and PowerPoint presentations.

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Why choose epk?

We are a team of creative, hard working graphic designers and programmers who go the extra mile to make your projects shine. While we come from a strong background of traditional graphic design and communication, we study hard to keep sharp on the latest trends in technology and keep pace with our clients’ needs.

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the team, the team, the team

We love Michigan (the state and the team). We geek out about Mad Men and Star Wars, cooking shows and Vitamixes. We have dogs, cats, and kids. We like hiking, walking, running, Warrior-dashing and kayaking. Our passions range from printmaking to gaming; from card making to epic novel reading.

Ellen Krugel

Ellen P. Krugel President, Creative Director

Found her calling when she won the poster design contest for the Clarkstown Summer Theater 1987 production of Anything Goes. Her more than 25 years of professional experience, started at H+, a boutique studio in Manhattan. Ellen beat Bill Gates to the Internet punch when she began designing web sites for Online Marketing Company in 1995 (Internet Explorer was still in development). She left Online Marketing Company (then MarchFirst) to hang her shingle in 1998. When she is not designing, she likes to cook, bake, hike, walk at least 10,000 steps a day, and hang out with her kids.

Noah Krugel

Noah Krugel VP of all things tech

Noah’s first computer, an Apple IIe, still has a special place in the basement of his house. He joined Ellen to start EPK four months after joining her in marriage. A self-taught web application developer, Noah’s main responsibility at EPK is making sure that all those beautifully designed web sites have solid technology behind them. When he is not working on EPK projects, Noah is busy developing GamerSaloon.com, the pioneering web site in the emerging competitive video gaming industry. Noah also enjoys spending time with the family, playing legos with his kids, and reading a good book.

Sheri Spangenberg

Sheri Spangenberg Web design, development and illustration enthusiast

In this fast-paced business world its great to have a quick-turnaround artist like Sheri on our team. When a client needs a site updated ASAP, Sheri answers the call. Sheri’s Flash animations are just the thing when a web site needs a little extra flair. Sheri likes to read, draw, play video games, and she spends so many summer days at Cedar Point she can legally vote in Sandusky municipal elections.